About Me


I got my first camera when I was eight. Over the years my interest grew and I went through a great deal of my dad’s film, without his permission. Even then I was attracted to what could be called non-conventional images. Over the years I’ve worked professionally and frequently very non-professionally. I’ve covered the Kentucky Derby, motorcycle races, photographed with professional football teams and done my share of ‘mom and pop’ portraits and weddings. I’ve owned a photo lab and studio and learned the difference between business and art. Many of my images are intentional. I have a vision and I pursue it. Many of my images are accidental. I stumble upon something that screams at me to take its’ picture. Serendipity has been holding my hand for a very long time. To pay the bills I am in charge of information and technology for a small business my wife and I run. That puts a major dent in the time I spend traveling. I have six children I attempt to keep up with and we recently downgraded from a small farm to a really small “farm”. I no longer live on a tractor when the grass is high. Life is good.